Engineering at Wanelo

Wanelo (from Want, Need, Love) is the shopping app for Generation Z - the first digital-born generation and the world's fastest growing consumer group. Millions of people use Wanelo to buy unique products from thousands of sellers around the world. Wanelo has consistently ranked as one of the top shopping apps in the US with over 100,000 5-star ratings on iOS and Android. Our team is small and agile with short development cycles. We have rapidly growing revenue and our users are obsessed.

We have two engineering positions available:

We're looking for people with at least a year of relevant experience for the position, but we also value people who learn quickly. We're into TDD, pairing and CI, with the understanding that these are just tools for the job and not the be-all and end-all. We value our lives over work (we work from 10am-7pm every day, but timing is flexible), but we love our jobs and the people we work with. We're looking for someone who likes to get stuff done, go for afternoon feelings walks (coffee + sunshine), and join in lunchtime debates about the merits of tacos (hint: they are delicious).

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